Work Environment


Life at CEC

CEC runs on the passion of its people. We love what we do, and we do it well: we strive to exceed expectations at every opportunity. We work together, and we grow together: we’re all about helping each other to reach our full potential. We work hard, but we value work-life balance, and each of us defines what that means to us. We’re a global company, we’re growing every day, but we pride ourselves on maintaining the drive and dynamism



Caring and supportive colleagues

CEC has a great working environment where people look out for one another. Being in CEC makes you feel like you have a second family. What makes it cool are the wonderful people here that help and support each other.


Limitless potential

There is no boundary to limit your talent, as long as your idea could benefit the company or your colleagues, you are almost good to go! A small effort, a quantum leap of improvement is what our people always do.